Fire Safety

The Property Maintenance People

Helping protect our clients and customers

We work in partnership with our clients to assess fire safety needs within individual properties and communal areas. We have the skills and experience to recommend and install passive fire products which comply with key legislation including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our capabilities cover fire stopping solutions including fire door installations, renewals of internal walls to fire resistant standards and installation of fire curtains.

Fire Doors: Safety and Peace of Mind

We carry out repairs, replacements and upgrading of entrance and internal doors to approved standards to help prevent the spread of any fire. We have experience of installing FD30 and FD60 standard fire doors in either paint grade or veneered finishes complete with all relevant hardware installed. Our service is particularly valued within communal areas of high and low rise buildings to protect multiple building occupants.

Fire Stopping Solutions: Protecting the integrity of buildings

We install a wide range of market leading products to upgrade existing buildings as part of refurbishment schemes. We provide an efficient and value for money solution to meet structural fire protection regulations for both fire rated walls and floors. The products we install include specialist fire stopping coatings, fire protection boards, specialist intumescent collars for pipework and intumescent seals for building joints.

Fire Curtains and Compartmentation

We can install lightweight flexible fire curtains or insulating fire barrier curtains to provide up to 2-hours of fire protection within both occupied and unoccupied buildings. This includes lofts, ceiling voids and risers with the curtains ensuring fire or smoke doesn’t spread from one building compartment to the next. We can also provide and install fire-rated access hatches, walkways and handrails for roof spaces as well as replacing existing insulation.