Void Works

The Property Maintenance People

Completing Works Sooner

Getting properties back onto the market sooner and finishing works to a high standard to attract customers to homes is the priority for voids works. By partnering with our clients we re-design the key to key process to streamline works so properties come to market sooner. We also look at market demand and make specification improvements (signed off by the client) to attract customers for hard to rent properties. The end result is better homes where people want to live, rented sooner, whilst ensuring financial income for our clients.

Reducing Administration and Headaches

We offer an end-to-end void service which allows us to carry out the survey, specification, works and quality assurance processes for our clients. This has greatly reduced pressures on internal resources whilst removing the number of transactions required to get works done. Controls and ‘checks’ with the client are maintained to ensure budget control and works quality.

24 Hour Void Turnaround

One of our unique services is the 24-hour void turn around. We partner with our clients to facilitate surveys and specifications before the customer moves out. We can then organise our works to complete fast turnaround properties within as little as 24 hours. We are currently piloting the new service with two of our clients.

Minor and Major Voids Services

We are skilled in delivering both minor and major voids. Our average turnaround time for all minor voids is less than 5 days (cross contract) and for major voids we can complete these on average within less than 10 days (depending on works required). All works are always fully programmed, budgeted and monitored for cost and quality assurance purposes, including 100% post inspections and handover for every property.